Cryptocurrency Fall — Web 3.0 Comes as Help or new protocols as an aid to this?

Boris Milanovic
3 min readDec 30, 2022

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Tether, USDC (U.S Dollar Coin), BNB, Binance USD (BUSD), XRP…


Have you ever asked yourself, after the massive rise of Bitcoin that both of these will go down, who knows which month conclusively, bit by bit? Then you have a day or two when they go up by 2–5%, and then again — they lose due to?

What makes giant and renominated crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, and not so recent but fairly new in comparison with Bitcoin Thether (link in about how it works)?

fall of cryptocurrency, should I cash-out my coins?

Inflation on Bank Markets, mirroring effect of War(s) in Ukraine, Middle-East, almost a war (again) in the middle of EU- Serbia: Kosovo conflict — could they be a drop that spilled out the water?

Let’s go back a bit, and rewind what happened and when it happened. For my followers, and my readers, I will analyze and tell you exactly the dates when BTC or other major coins lost their value — and try to find a global accident or happening that could be something that leads to its own, leaving inflation aside for just a minute.

  1. First of all: the War on Drugs — had a huge impact this year on cryptocurrencies as some of the deadliest drugs, and drugs that are “on-demand” can be easily found on DeepWeb for the price you would pay in EUR.
    This year, the only Republic of Serbia (along with Hungary, Czech Rep., Spain, Austria, and Germany) —
    in several greatly kept secret operations, with given “Sky” phones(link on Serbian/ WORTH OF TRANSLATING: 5mil. EUR was bought from a gang leader that is imprisoned for most gross/terrible acts aside from dug trade and here SKY phones were used, developed by the US/ FBI to catch the “big fishes” which led to arrest and seizures( and imprisonment some of the head of families\ gangs) that were working on Balkan peninsula and from there to the countries of Western and Central EU.
    Why am I mentioning
    War on Drugs? — Simply because drugs, these days, in larger quantities, never being purer are bought not with cash anymore — but by these cryptocurrencies that give you full anonymously.
Data on Bitcoin fall, January, When it Started and does it have to do with war on drugs?
26th of January 2022 — When Belivuk-Miljkovic (on the head with Velja “the trouble”) has been arrested. He was arrested in the noon, and after that — boom. Look at the price. He wasn’t a small fish if someone was working closely with Governmental Structures, planning to assassin the President, and much more- along with almost 100kilos of cocaine being followed and sized by the Serbian Special Police, and BIA (Security-Intelligence Agency)

2. This was let’s say Europe’s shake on the market ( if you believe in coincidence then … ) but, let’s focus now a bit on the bigger picture. (for those who believe in coincidence, please look up when all “big shots” from the underworld were officially arrested, and when was the news already published — check out the market. Some of you might laugh because they don’t realize how important this part of Europe is for the transportation and trade of all goods between East and West.



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