Era Without Touch

Boris Milanovic
1 min readApr 5, 2021

In an era when we cannot touch, or it is not recommended to touch anything, keeping distance from everything — digital currencies are on rise.

The only thing is which are real, fake, and which have the new, unique technique of working?

One of these, real ones, that is working on your smartphones, bringing the mining of the Pi (coin) closer to ‘low and mid’ level people who don’t have thousands of dollars to invest and pay for electricity.

Pi Network and mining is something new, and it's all about DECENTRALIZED mining. Imagine all those GPUs in mining clusters as your phones, connected with verified accounts and fast internet, and everyone who uses your username is placing his phone as an additional asset to mine faster!

The idea is great and in the final stage! Pi Network has more than 100.000 active Nodes (whereby everyone can be a Node right now) as authentication of transactions is encrypted by the size of the circle — people you know and people that you invited and people that they invited. So transaction from A to B goes through various points that people share, imagine circles and the points in common are the ways that transaction can go through.


Install Pi and if you want to be part of the Pi Network, use my invite code “milanovicboris”.

Hope I did a good article here.

Kind regards,

Boris Milanović



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