How To: Make a Personal Website

Personal website, your place for portfolio, etc. All these are sometimes required fields on the job application form.

Boris Milanovic
4 min readMay 12, 2022

You are building your personal website, your own website for absolutely of charge where no credit card is needed.

— Even tho I can make this my personal gig on Fiverr, and make money from it, I will share this SaaS (Service as a Sale) with you — I won’t I will share my 10-year experience and give you a free tutorial.

First of all, a disclaimer: I am not, nor this text has anything to do with technologies and/ or their vendors being used. Freehostia,, cPanel,, and others are not affiliated or connected with or me.

Step 1

In the beginning, you need to find a domain/ subdomain actually. There is a great site (disclaimer: not affiliated nor paid for promotion) the, at the Shared Registry.

List of free to shared domains, where you can add your subdomain. Look at the ``my. to`` perfect for making a website for personal use without the need for a credit card, or even a penny to pay.

— Also there is a domain, where you can add “yourdomain” subdomain where the will be added.

It will look much more professional if you have instead of or — you have to admit.

Step 2

Find a totally free hosting site, that will host your website. I recommend Freehostia or

Once logged in, click on Host Domain
How To host a website for free
Type in how you want to call your website, and click on Add a Host

The default route on the picture above shows the “A Record”, and #2 shows NamesServers (NS) DNS1, and DNS2 of (MUST!) as they ``hosted`` your website.

Once you have selected, i.e., that will be your “A” DNS record. Now, it can confuse sometimes you where you need to edit DNS records, on the site where you got the subdomain from or Freehostia.



A — DNS record points to the IP address where your site, in this case, is hosted (at the Freehostia, find “Default Route:” IP address and change it at the Step 1 website (FreeDNS). A record, shows how to connect A DNS record from to
Example of how A DNS record should work


NS — DNS record point to the and/or (backup) in our case. DNS NS record is pointing to the NameServers usually dynamic nameservers. So that’s why they look like because the first letter “D” means — dynamic.

  • TIP:

Add two NS records, with dns1 and dns2 for where you have HOSTED your website.

This is where you have finished with this website. Now, you can switch to and your account. ( NOTE: PLEASE DON’T FORGET YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD WHEN REGISTERING, AND USE THE CHOCOLATE PLAN WHICH IS FREE)

Once done, in our case, it should look like this (A record is hidden — the IP address):

List of DNS records needed to simply work everything.
Visit and see how I made it work.

Step 3

Your cPanel but, with red color highlighted what to pay attention now on
The picture is worth millions of words, NS Status (green checked button) shows that we did everything as should.

Once all is displayed like this, disregard the SSL (the lock pad icon) — you can go now to “Applications Installer”:

Installing WordPress on personal website
On the upper side of the site go to “Installer” — Application Installer, and choose WordPress.

Entering the final phase:

How to install WordPress?
Installation of WordPress at

After that, the final step:

Click on Install, and check your mail.

There you are, you have just made a WordPress site, that someone takes 100$ or more for it, but with me and donating/supporting me — you will learn to do things where you can earn and do things remotely on-site or for yourself (like this example that makes all three in).



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