Information and Data + Processing =?

Information Technology, or IT, is something that we cannot imagine World as it is today. But, what is actually IT in a sense, that human specie gave, add, or remove from sense when the phrase Information Technologies (or even shortened, abbreviation: “IT”).

In today’s sense, when we say: “IT”, we think of computers, paired computers that make a network, networks being connected that make even bigger networks, and so forth until we get something that is called — Internet.

Computer, data-processing, and Internet are things that are considered generally as “IT”. The problem today is the quality of data. In tons and tons of data, or better said Quadro-terabytes of data, we as individuals and being humans that still can distinguish bad from the good and have feeling of doing something good and bad, while computers will never have that — no matter how good they are programmed, we the humans have made. The problem here is the NeuralNetwork and Computer MachineLearning mechanisms whereby with a couple of lines of code, you can make a program that teaches itself (the program itself) from its mistakes. For now, those “mistakes” are defined by the developers. But, can the same thing, implemented in the robot, for instance, rewrite the boundaries of what is a mistake and what is the goal?!

Humanized robots are more and more in use, and the future is actually in them. We are in front of age where an average worker in a factory will be n more needed. Humans will be replaced, in the great percentage they are already, by humanoid robots that can work 24/7 x 365 days a day, while humans (normally) are “limited” to 8 to 9 hours of work per day, and limited what can they do and how much. While some robots can and will, for example, lift 5 tons of weight, at the same time screw a driver into a hole measured in nanometers or even picometers.

Now, imagine that… Now, imagine that you are not imagining — and that it is as real as it can be.

I recall a moment when I was wowed by a snake game (old-school game) that was made in Python programming language but, includes ML( Machine Learning)… This means, that Snake will learn more and more from its mistakes. At the “generation of 1500” (after 1500 mistakes) “snake” is capable to score amazing records. In another word, after 1500 tries — the “snake” in the game is capable of making moves fast, and draw smart moves to pick up small things that makes it bigger, but, in the same time not touching the borders. All this, without adding a single line of code by the programmer. The “snake” — LEARNS.

In modern concept and in general, so far for public and society in general — this way of work is used in AI (Artificial Intelligence) in games only, and only partially in humanoid robots. What we have to question ourselves:
where is this way of processing data, and implementation of IT used?

I am not alone in this way of thinking, there is a great article at:

Source: IT Brief Australia



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Boris Milanovic

Boris Milanovic

Certified System Administrator for IT Network Infrastructure. Over 9-years of experiece in IT, Web Developer, Content Writer, and more!